iLearn Performance Pack

Managing talent and workforce performance is critical to achieve superior operational performance.

Performance management extends far beyond automating traditional HR processes such as periodic development planning and performance reviews. A business-centric approach to how people are managed, organizations can dramatically improve workforce productivity.

iLearn built additional functionalities on top of Totara Learn to support enhanced performance management to the organizations.

iLearn Performance Pack is comprised of five separate, integrated products:

- Career and Development Planning

- SMART Goals

- Goals Alignment

- Career Path

* An active subscription for Totara Learn is required

Goals Alignment

Goals Alignment

Our Goals Alignment functionality increases workforce productivity by cascading key organizational initiatives down the organizational hierarchy and tailoring them at every level to reflect the objectives of specific departments.

This ensures that initiatives are clearly communicated and that everyone’s performance is aligned with the organizational strategy.


Goals will have a total weight of 100% and the entire appraisal can be distributed between goals, competencies and company value (with percentages to each defined by the HR team).

Second level managers will be able to view the distribution of the goals and aligns them to the standard curve set by the business.

Career Path and Competencies

Career Path defines typical career paths for given positions.

Employees will be able to view their competencies and goals assigned automatically to their job position, as well as view the gaps for their current and target roles in the organization

Succession Planning

Quickly do employee comparison. Pick the next person in the job

Comparison will include the 9-box report, goals score, competency score, custom fields and more