Totara Social

Totara Social opens the flow of knowledge and is a catalyst for collaboration throughout your organization.

Share Ideas, work on them together

Propose ideas, add descriptions, tags and files. Choose where to share, everyone, individual connections or one or more groups. Or develop your idea further in private. Vote on ideas and add comments. Include your ideas when mixing pages to share.

Create content, add web pages, use your favourite tools and embed external media, pull in Google Apps, add recent blog or forum posts, videos and more. Mix and mash with drag and drop. Share – you decide where. Spin off a copy and remix for a different audience. Break the silos with Connections and Groups. Stay connected without the noise. You control what’s included. Choose the right level of notifications to receive and select the contributions, people, and tags that interest you. Use Group based feeds to ensure focused up-to-date information.

Work “out loud” virtually. Create separate blogs for projects or groups. Use the WYSIWYG editor, embed images, add files and choose whether to accept comments. Share posts or whole blogs with your connections or Groups. Ask a question. Define who it goes to – get a list of answers. Answers can be sorted by most recent or “like” votes on the answer. The Question owner can mark any answer as the best answer as well as change their best answer choice at any time.  And the Answer authors can edit/delete answers – the status of the Question will open again. Searchable, shareable, powerful.