Totara Learn

Totara is transforming workplace learning with a powerful, flexible, and open platform that adapts to the unique needs of your business.

Some of our Totara Learn Clients

eXtra Stores
National Ambulance
Dubai Police

Totara Learn Key Features

Responsive Interface

Your people can access the full power of Totara Learn on all devices, while the visual theming can be fully rebranded and personalised to suit the specific needs of multiple target audiences.

Fully Customizable

A custom LMS is about more than just brand colors and a logo. Totara Learn is an open platform designed to give you control over all aspects of your solution. That includes the layout, look and feel, and functionality.

Track Certifications

Totara Learn gives you a clear overview of your talent pool, accurately recording who is certified and holds the skills and competencies required to excel in their job roles.

Learning & Performance

Use Totara Learn’s appraisals, 360 feedback, skills and competency tracking aligned with personalised goals to ensure everyone is progressing as they should be. Assign activities to learners based on their objectives, and offer feedback in real time for more flexible performance management.

Flexible Reporting

Streamline reporting and meet compliance obligations with personalised dashboards, custom and graphical reporting, and completion tracking. Assign and share tailored reports to team or divisional managers. Easily export data for extended analysis.

Competency Frameworks

Enable curriculum planning, learner pathways and developmental needs analysis. Link skills to employees or extended enterprise learners based on their position and organization.

Organizational Structure

Organization and position hierarchies allow you to track specific competencies, assign learning and automatically filter reports. Assign learning to specific groups, and keep everything secure with static and dynamic audiences, making it easier to automate the learning management process and personalize the learning experience.

Learning Plans

Provide quick and targeted access to relevant learning and tracking for every learner with adaptive, personalized learning pathways based on job roles and associated competencies.

Assessment Engine

Create assessments drawing on a wide selection of question types and presentation methods. Build question banks and easily track scores and completion rates.

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