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Who we are

The only way to keep pace with all of the exciting opportunities in education is to challenge the traditional models of developing new ideas. Therefore, iLearn ME works closely with teachers, learners, researchers, authors, thought leaders and local experts to put online education in the hands of more people around the world, in more inspiring ways.

iLearn ME utilizes its unmatched expertise and strategic partnerships with leading learning technology providers to deliver a comprehensive range of learning products and services that serve the Higher Education, Government and Corporate sectors.

Our qualified staff are equipped with state-of-the-art eLearning tools and products to assist you in your eLearning initiatives. With an outreach to the Middle East and Europe regions, iLearn ME is your eLearning partner!

To all our clients, we promise:


From start to finish, we will be entirely open and transparent, sharing everything you want to know.


You are fully in control every step of the way and have complete control of the finished product without any lock-in.


We can achieve any required outcomes with any technology, for any type of business, in whatever way you want and at any scale.


We understand and support your aspirations, and we share the risks and your goals.


We have an extensive track record of tackling hard problems with innovative technology and business models.


We are a responsible company that looks after our employees and contributes back to the communities that support us